Beating Those Monday Blues


Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger and living a fulfilling, happier & healthier life.

We all get them once in a while, the dreaded Monday blues. The stress at the start of the week, but it’s not the day that is the problem, it is the thought of responsibilities that work entails. However, we have come up with 10 helpful tips for you to overcome them!


10 Helpful tips to beat those Monday Blues

1. Don’t live for the weekends - There are 7 days in a week, why cram all the fun things into two and a half days. Plan some fun activities after work, from drinks to movie night. Don’t save the fun things for the weekend.

2. Don’t mess with your sleep schedule - just because it is the weekend doesn’t mean you should sleep in. Messing with your sleep schedule is asking for disaster. Your body needs a set routine to be able to function at its best. If you do want to sleep in try not to make it more than an hour or two than your normal wake-up time.

3. Generate good vibes — through music and otherwise - make your Monday mornings fun by getting ready with music, have a mini party to boost your Monday mood because who doesn’t love a get ready party.

4. Hit the gym - Help your brain by exercising to boost endorphins, which will help you feel more positive, about your morning and day. It will also make you feel more awake and energized making your day more productive.

5. Smile! - fake it until you make it! Sometimes you just have to smile even when you don’t want to. Whether it is at yourself in the mirror, in the shower or as you leave your home.

6. Treat yourself - Treat yourself to a coffee out or indulge in a chocolate bar. Give yourself something to look forward to on a Monday so it can make sure you are starting your week off right!

7. Take small breaks throughout the day - give yourself a five-minute break every hour to keep yourself working at optimum level.

8. Take it easy with the workload - Prioritise your workload. Write down all you have to do on Monday and do the ones that have to be done, leaving the small jobs for Tuesday or another day in the week. And if you are feeling extra productive on Friday do some extra tasks to help you out on Monday.

9. Prep for the week - This could be picking out your outfit for Monday or prepping your breakfasts and lunches, so you are making your mornings easier. Prepping for your week can relieve some stress you might be facing.

10. Figure out why your Mondays are blue - is it because you have a deadline at work, you are just back from a vacation, or you are no longer happy at your job. There could be a number of reasons for your Monday Blues, but that doesn’t make them any less valid.


Remember these are only tips to help you. Some might work while others not so much, but it can only work if you try them out a couple of times. You know what tips you can add to your week to beat those Monday Blues. So, have fun with them or the next time you have the feeling you might get the Blues pick one to do.


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