BeReal women clothing is for everyone who wants to be unique and be real. Because we truly believe everyone is exceptional and unique in their own way and our clothing brand represents that. We are focused on providing premier quality, durable clothing, promoting body positivity and- ensuring that we build our community in a sustainable way.  We are on a mission to create a closed loop recycled brand.

We are using bio degradable plastic for our packaging and minimizing plastic usage.
Try ‘30 wears challenge’, committing to wearing every piece in your wardrobe at least 30 times before sending it to us and we can safely reuse/ recycle your old BeReal Clothes.
We know that placing unwanted clothing items into the bin when they could be recycled or re-used – is not sustainable.
Planting trees can help nature recover and improve the natural environment for both wildlife and humans. We have partnered to plant trees wherever they are needed.
We’re working to source sustainable fabrics. We try to use cotton and recyclable fabrics where possible.