Beginner’s guide to meditation

Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity.


Becoming at peace with ourselves can be a challenge sometimes, so, we at BeReal Wear have decided to help you start by coming up with our own beginner’s guide to meditation. This will help you with finding your centre and becoming more present.

Let’s break it down into sections:

1. What is Meditation

2. The benefits

3. The basics

4. How to start


1. What is meditation?

● Meditation is focusing on yourself and your breathing, in a way to concentrate on yourself in the here and now without any judgement. We meditate to build patience and allow ourselves to connect with our emotions.


2. The Benefits:

● Lower blood pressure

● Improved blood circulation

● Lower heart rate

● Less perspiration

● Slower respiratory rate

● Less anxiety

● Lower blood cortisol levels

● More feelings of well-being

● Less stress

● Deeper relaxation


3. The Basics:

● Have no expectations - this might seem weird but going in without any expectations on your first meditation will relieve any stress after your first session if it doesn’t go as planned.

● Schedule a time when you will meditate - meditate at the same time every day to add it to your routine so you won’t forget to do it. It will become easier for you to remember to do it and you will see improvements over time!

● Have a set area/room for you to meditate - this will make it easier for you to sit and focus. It will also make the meditation feel more special.

● Start with a few calm breaths

● Try not to fiddle/move too much

● Breathe - when you start to find your mind wandering focus on your breaths, breath in for 6, hold for 8 and exhale for 7

● Remember to be kind to yourself! - not every day is going to be easy and if you can’t meditate for long on one day, it is okay!

● Acknowledge all of your emotions - it is okay to be frustrated while starting to meditate, we all were, but that doesn’t mean you should quit.

● Keep on coming back - yes the first day might not be that easy but if you keep coming back you will realise that it does get easier. Like with anything, you aren’t a master from the first go you have to keep practising.

● If you need help, get it - this could be with an app, with a YouTube video or a class. Whatever you need to help you with your meditation, do it.


4. How to start:

● Find a comfortable and quiet space:

○ This could be in your bedroom, outside or pretty much anywhere that you feel comfortable and it’s relatively quiet.

● Wear comfortable clothing

● How long to meditate for

○ This is up to you, however, if you are new to this start with 5 minutes then gradually increase the time as you don’t know how long you can sit for without your mind wandering too far before bringing it back to the present.

● Take a seat

○ This could be on the floor, in a chair, in your bed. You decide all, you have to be is comfortable and relaxed with a straight spine

● Doing it alone

○ You don’t have to meditate on your own, you can use an app or a YouTube video to help you. Some people find it easier to do it with help as it keeps them focused and draws them back when reminded. But this is your choice do what you feel comfortable with.

● Focus on your breathing

○ This will help keep you grounded and relax your body easier.

● Make it a habit

○ Remember to do it once a day or every other day, preferable at the same time as that makes it easier to form a habit.