Sports Bras - Don’t compromise on support and style

Picking the right sports bra is essential to your fitness goal because you don’t want to suffer throughout your workout.


So we, at BeReal Wear, know that support and style shouldn’t have to be a pick and choose kind of problem. We design sports bras that are stylish and supportive for any activity/ workout you choose. Whether you wear them as a crop top or to spice up your workouts, we have low to high support bras just for you.


Light to Medium Support Bras

They are great for yoga, any light/medium workout, cycling or dancing. Our picks are Etna One Shoulder Sports Bra, Signature Neon Sports Bra and Embrace Sports Bra.



High Support Bras

These Sports Bras are great for running, HIIT workouts or mountain biking. Our picks are:


There are a few things you need to know to make sure that your sports bra is the perfect fit and they are:

  1. Your sports bra is snug, you should be able to put one finger under the band.
  2. Adjust the straps, if it moves up it might be too big or you just need to alter the straps.
  3. Make sure it lays flat against your skin. There shouldn’t be any gaps.
  4. Your straps shouldn’t dig into your skin.
  5. Move around, jump up and down and swing your arms around before you buy the bra as this will help you work out if there is any discomfort, if there is you might want to try a different sports bra.