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With it being BeReal Wear's ( 2nd Birthday. BeReal has decided to give out 5 free leggings with free shipping to the first 5 orders using the code BEREALDEAL. This offer starts June 1st. This promotion is valid in the United Kingdom (UK) ONLY.

The promotion code is available from June 1st ​ but only for the first 5 orders. So, make sure you are ready. The Promotion Code BEREALDEAL also includes free shipping for the first 5 people who use it.

However, don't forget to check out all other BeReal products. They have many items such as leggings (, loungewear, sports bras, hoodies and tops ( As well as, their new Collection, Blossom ( Perfect for working out, everyday errands and even working.

BeReal clothing is made from buttery soft fabrics, that are designed to keep you comfortable and stylish. There is a selection of vibrant colours that makes this brand a must-have for all your needs.

BeReal has a range of sports bras, hoodies and sweatshirts that are trendy and comfy to wear. BeReal hoodies and sweatshirts ( are made keeping your comfort in mind and can be paired with leggings, joggers or any trousers. ​ BeReal sports bras ( comes in a range of colours and designs that can be worn as a top or a layering piece.

BeReal Leggings and shorts are suitable for many activities, such as jogging, running and yoga. They are made with the best fabrics to optimize convenience for everyday use. ​

In their new collection Blossom (, BeReal Wear has combined Spring with workwear and swimsuits. They have made workwear ( that is feminine and makes a statement. BeReal swimwear ( is chic. It will surely be the talk of the summer.

While offering you quality clothing, BeReal's Website ( is 100% secure during the checkout process. BeReal provides smooth returns/refunds as well as 24/7 customer support.

About BeReal Wear:

BeReal clothing is for everyone and BeReal truly believes everyone is unique in their own way.