A Feel-good guide

One way to feel good about yourself is to love yourself... to take care of yourself.

Sometimes we need extra help to feel good about ourselves and our lives. Trying to find a good Feel Good Guide is quite hard to do, so, we have made it easy for you to find an article that can relate to you. Here is our BeReal Wear’s Feel-good Guide!


Let’s begin with something easy

● A quiet space - this could be a room, outside or even in your car. All you need is a space where you can feel alone and away from the busy pace that the world is. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and decompress. Feel the weight of the world slowly lifting off your shoulders.


● Water therapy - Water has a calming effect on most people, whether it is in the bath/shower, in the swimming pool or in the ocean. Feeling weightless or like you are floating can help make you feel good. If you are in the bath, why not have your favourite takeaway or a glass of wine to add another relaxing element.


Next try

● Vent your frustrations - Talk to your friend about your problems, talking to a friend can help you get perspective on your problem and help you find a solution. Or, if that's not something you want to do, you can exercise. Take all your frustrations out on a punching bag or a run. This will help release some of your frustrations.


Followed by

● Meditation - Once you are drained from your choice of venting. Either go back to the same quiet space or find a new one and meditate. Calm your mind and body again. Recentering yourself to the present before you head back into your busy life again.


● Yoga - If you can’t sit still and still have some energy, you can do some yoga to help with recentering yourself. This is also another great technique to get back to the present and is kind to your body as well.



● Treat yourself - reward yourself for making it this far and for trying out (maybe) new techniques that you haven’t tried before.