How to look good when travelling

I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style.

We all have that go-to outfit that we wear to go travelling, where we choose comfort over cuteness. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. We, at BeReal Wear, are here to help with how to look good when travelling. All you need to do is follow our guide! It’s three easy steps!

Step 1: The Basics- Deciding what to wear

Are you going to choose an all matching outfit such as the Grace Loungewear Set or Coral Shorts and Sweatshirt. Or are you going to stick to Joggers/jeans and a hoodie (such as the Signature Hoodie or Limitless Hoodie)? However, you could do a wild card and wear a Sweatshirt Dress and tights.

Step 2: Styling the outfits

Now you don’t want too many accessories as they can become annoying but the right amount will make it seem like you are stylish without losing the element of comfort.

● Grace Loungewear Set add a scarf that can double up as a blanket on the flight some trainers for an ‘I just stepped out of bed but look amazing’ look

● Coral Shorts and Sweatshirt paired with your favourite trainers.

● Joggers paired with a plain t-shirt and an oversized blazer for that comfy business style. So when you step off the plane, you can step right into your meeting.

● Signature Hoodie with jeans and a simple necklace for that everyday look.

● Limitless Hoodie paired with black jeans and trainers for a sporty outfit.

● Sweatshirt Dress paired with tights and cute boots and sunglasses for a chic outfit that will make you look effortless.

 Step 3: Locations

Making sure you wear the right outfit for the weather and location is the next thing you have to work out. 

● Cold locations: You will need an outfit that looks fabulous with layers and will keep you warm when you go outside. Our favourites:

○Grace Loungewear Set with a scarf ○ Signature Hoodie with jeans

● Hot locations: You want an outfit that you can feel cool and carefree in. Our picks:

○ Coral Shorts and Sweatshirt ○ Sweatshirt Dress paired with tights

● The City: You will need an outfit that you can explore in, so comfy shoes are a must. Our pick:

○ Limitless Hoodie with black jeans and trainers

● Work: You want an outfit that is comfy but also looks like you can go straight from the airport into a meeting. We pick:

○ Joggers paired with a plain t-shirt and an oversized blazer

Hopefully, our ‘How to Look Good When Travelling’ Guide has helped you boost your travel outfits from comfortable to comfy and stylish. No one wants to be uncomfortable when travelling as it just makes travelling harder than it needs to be. We covered from your basic picks to styling them and even what to wear to what location.  

If you style our clothes differently, why don’t you tag us on your Instagram and show us how you style them! We would love to know! 

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