How to master the cycle shorts trend this summer

Finding the perfect pair of shorts is always essential. 

As it is summer and most of us are favouring shorts over trousers. It is time to figure out how to style your shorts. In this article, we are going to focus on our all-time favourite Cycle Shorts, not the ones that have the extra padding for actually cycling but the cute cotton ones. We are going to stick with styling these shorts five ways. 
1. Oversize shirt and cycling shorts - This is a classic and the easiest way to style your cycling shorts for whatever activity you have planned. You can keep it in colour by matching the shorts and the shirt (Oversized tee and shorts set), or you can mix and match with an oversized graphic tee and any coloured shorts. 
  • Pair your favourite cycling shorts with a graphic tee and some chunky boots. Don't forget to add some mixed metal jewellery to complete the look. 

2. Sports bra and cycling shorts - Going for a workout, whether it is in a gym or nature or even at home. Matching your cycling shorts to your sports bra makes you look adorable and put together, even when you don’t feel it. If you feel like you need a little more coverage, you can add on an oversized shirt or try it with a crop top.
3. Crop top and cycling shorts - Adding a crop top can add more coverage to your outfit, allowing you to show off while feeling more comfortable with the amount of skin showing. Crop tops and cycling shorts are worn by many celebrities, such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, to name a few. 
  • Pair cycling shorts with a simple crop top, and finish the look with some chunky sandals and sunglasses. And you have yourself a look even celebrities would wear! 

4. Shirt and cycling shorts - If you want an easy go-to look to make you feel like you are on holiday, this is the way to go. Adding your cycling shorts with a vest and an oversize shirt while your hair is slicked back into a bun and sunglasses will make you feel like you aren’t at home anymore. 
  • Pair some cycling shorts with an oversized shirt, and finish the look with some sandals and sunglasses. 
5. Sweatshirt and cycling shorts - This is a classic outfit, so much so that Princess Diana was seen many times wearing cycling shorts and sweatshirts. To attain this simple but gorgeous look, all you need is a pair of cycling shorts, a sweatshirt, chunky socks and trainers. 
  • Pair your neutral-coloured cycling shorts with your favourite comfy sweatshirt and some trainers. Push add on a baseball cap and wear a bum bag across your chest for some added layers/detail.