Strength Training - The What, Why and Wear guide.

Intensity builds immensity

Strength Training is a popular workout that more people are getting into, and so should you. There are fantastic benefits from doing strength training. This article will tell you what it is, why you should do it and what to wear.


The What:

Strength training involves the performance of exercises that are focused on improving strength and endurance. It is often related to weight lifting, however, there are many other activities, such as:

● Weight Lifting.

● Working with resistance bands.

● Climbing stairs.

● Walking up a hill.

● Cycling.

● Dance.

● Push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

Strength training is a great resistance workout to enhance your body by protecting your joints and improving your ability to do everyday activities with techniques. Such as callisthenics, isometrics, and plyometrics. Building muscles with strength training also helps you later in life with balance, therefore, helps with reducing your chances of falling. Try to do strength training at least twice a week.


What exercises you should focus on if you are a beginner:

● Squats - These are a great beginner workout as you don’t need to use weights to begin. Once you have worked out the correct positioning, you can add weights to make it slightly more challenging.

● Hip bridges - Are another fantastic workout to start with, as you can do them without weights to begin with. When you have the hang of it add weights to make it more challenging.

● Pushups - Being able to move your body weight is a great way to show strength. If you find it challenging, you can adapt your pushup by either being on your knees or using a wall or chair to help.

● Bent over rows - Starting with a lighter weight in each hand. This workout will help you with transitioning into doing a pull-up.

● Wood Chopping exercising - This is all about safely moving your spine from side to side before adding a dumbbell. This activity engages your core and arm muscles as you are keeping them straight while raising and lowering an added weight.


The Why:

You should do it because there are so many benefits that will help you later in life. For example:

● It makes you stronger

● It can help burn calories efficiently

● Decreases abdominal fat

● Can help you appear leaner

● It reduces your risk of falls

● Helping lower your risk of injury

● Can improve heart health

● It helps manage your blood sugar levels


 The Wear:

Finding the right outfit to show off your amazing physique when you have started strength training is always a challenge as you want something well fitting, so you can do all the correct movements but also make sure that it is breathable and sweat-wicking. We recommend solid flat trainers for your shoes and one of these gorgeous outfits.

● Oversized Tee And Cycle Short Set for a cute gym set

● Essential Leggings and Essential Sports Bra, if you are out on a hike add an extra layer with a lightweight jacket.

● Stay True Joggers and Limitless Hoodie for a fantastic dancing outfit.

● High-Performance Shorts and Limitless Hoodie for another sporty outfit for either the gym or working outside

● Pair Joules Leggings with Sports Bra and Boss Babe Jacket for a workout look for those who want the option to either cover up or show off.