Is sweating good for your skin?

No goal was ever met without a little sweat!

We all sweat, whether it is from a workout or from being anxious. It is perfectly natural, but is it good for our skin? There are many pros and cons to sweating and our skin. So, let’s find them out.



● It cools down your body - sweating helps cool down your core while working out and signals, that during exercise that the warm-up phase is over and you are entering the performance zone.


● It helps moisturize your skin - the water hydrates while the minerals and salt from your sweat naturally exfoliate.


● Makes your skin glow - this is because when you exercise, your blood circulates throughout the body. Which, gives your skin a healthy glow from the inside out giving an anti-ageing effect.



● Threat to skin health - as your sweat releases ammonia and urea, which can irritate your skin if you don’t wipe it off straight away.


● Pores can become blocked and irritated - dead skin and Sebum are expelled when you sweat. Which, can block your pores and irritate them.


Once you have stopped sweating, you have to do aftercare. This is important because if you don’t remove the sweat from your skin, it can reabsorb into your body changing the pH and can cause rashes.


● Rehydrate! - this seems simple enough with the water coming out of your body. You should be drinking enough to put back in.


● Wash your face before your workout - give your face a cleanse so that it can help reduce the impurities on your skin.


● Wear clothes that wick away the sweat - choose activewear that wicks away the sweat as it will help with reducing the amount of chafing and discomfort your skin will have. Try our BeReal activewear.


● Shower shortly after your workout - this will help reduce the number of impurities that could be reabsorbed by the skin.


● Use face roller/ face massager - after your workout to help with keeping your skin looking fresh and glowy. You can use a face tool/roller such as (BeReal Jade Roller) as they can help with promoting lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, can reduce puffiness and inflammation of the skin.