Keeping our Oceans Clean

The greatest danger to our oceans is the belief that someone else will save them.

The Ocean is magnificent. However, we all need to do our part to keep it clean and healthy. Here are some ways you can help in your everyday life.

 Conserve Water

■ Use less water so excess runoff and wastewater will not flow into the ocean.

 Reduce Pollutants

■ Choose nontoxic chemicals and dispose of cleaning products properly.


 Reduce Waste

■ Cut down on what you throw away.

■ Compost your food waste

■ Recycle


 Quality Matters

■ Buy better quality clothes that you will wear over and over again.


 Out in Town

■ Choose sustainable seafood.

■ Say no to single-use plastic

■ Bring a reusable bag.


 Reduce Vehicle Pollution

■ Use Public transport, carpool or ride a bike.


 Use Less Energy

■ Choose energy-efficient light bulbs.



■ Volunteer for cleanups at the beach and in your community.


 Spread Awareness

■ Share news about ocean issues and help spread the word to friends and family.


Take your trash with you.

■ If you bring it in, then you need to take it out. Don’t leave your rubbish on the floor. Put it in the bin.