Leggings are the easiest and comfiest trousers to wear besides sweats. So here are some styling ideas for you to try that will make you look chic but comfy, whether you are working from home, traveling or running errands.

Styling leggings for the seasons:

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Summer, you want light and airy, so a great way to style leggings (such as Joules leggings) is with a shirt dress or a tunic.

● Shirt dresses are a classic item to pair with your leggings as it’s an easy piece to style whether it be comfy, casual or elevated.

● Comfy: Shirt dress + leggings + sneakers

● Casual: T-Shirt/ Crop Top + leggings + sneakers 

● Elevated: Shirt dress + leggings + high heels (optional: belt) ● Make a statement: Black Top + Essential leggings + high heels 

● Tunics follow the same idea with shirt dresses, it’s a classic piece that you could style lots of ways ● Go bold: Tunic + coloured leggings (such as the Power leggings) and chunky jewellery

● Cosy: Tunic + leggings + knee-high boots

Autumn, the weather isn’t sure of itself so you want layers so when it’s freezing cold in the morning but boiling hot during the day, you stay on top of it all while looking stylish and chic.

● Denim jackets are the perfect way to make you look uber cute but also perfectly dressed for the weather. You can style your denim jacket, to look classic, cute and for travelling

● Classic: Denim jacket + grey/white shirt + leggings + white sneakers

● Cute: Denim jacket dress +belt + leggings + ankle boots

● Travelling: Denim jacket + hoodie + leggings + sneakers

Winter, is the time you want to feel cosy and cute, so what better way than with flannel or a sweater dress.

● Flannel whether it be a flannel shirt or jacket these are perfect to pair with leggings to get that warm winter feeling

● Casual: flannel jacket +turtleneck jumper + leggings + beanie + booties

● Cosy: flannel shirt + leggings + scarf + knee-high boots

● Sweater dress is a great item to pair with leggings in the winter months as it is more feminine

● Cute: Sweater dress + leggings + knee-high/thigh-high boots

● Casual: sweater dress + leggings + sneakers

 Work outfits,

● Work outfits, you can still look work appropriate even in leggings so here are a few ideas to maybe add to your work wardrobe.

● Chic: Pencil skirt + black leggings + a tucked in blouse + ankle boots

● Classic: Blouse/ Shirt + Blazer + leggings + pumps