Water - Why is it important?

      The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea.

Water, why is it important? It is crucial to our survival, whether it be for our body or our environment. We use water every day and most of the time we don't think about if we are wasting it. This could be when we are brushing our teeth and leaving the tap on or having the sprinkler in the garden water the pathway as well as the flowers. So, let's go over the importance of water for our bodies, the environment and how we can save water wherever possible.


Our bodies need water to be able to function. We are made up of 60% of water. Water provides our body with good health. Water can help the body by:

● Regulating our temperature

● Protecting our joints, tissue and spinal cord

● Aiding in digestion

● Fighting of illness

● Helping you lose weight

● Boosting energy

● Aiding in cognitive function

● Keeping the skin healthy

How much water do you need to drink though? Well, that all depends on you! The average woman should drink 2.7 Litres of water a day however if you work out regularly or have a chronic illness you should drink more.


For Our Environment: Only about 3% of Earth's water is freshwater and only about 1.2% can be used as drinking water. Water provides us with the ability to grow our food and is an important part of the foundation for life. Water provides jobs and resources for us to live the way we do. If we didn’t have water, we wouldn’t be able to survive.


How to save water:

● Turn off the tap - whether it be when brushing your teeth or having a shower. Turn the tap off, if you aren't using it then it doesn't need to be on.

● Shower with less - Try and minimize the amount of time you spend in the shower as you are using up to 19 litres of water per minute!

● Save your dirty clothes - instead of doing lots of small washes, wait until your laundry basket is full to do a wash.

● Reduce food waste

● Catch rainwater - Catch rainwater and use it to water your garden, that way you are reusing water.

● Make sure you don’t have any leaky taps!

● Carry with you a reusable bottle - not only will you be helping the environment by not buying single-use plastic but you can refill your water bottle and keep the water for later instead of using water fountains.


Hopefully, now you understand why water is important and what you can do to help save water. The smallest things you do can have a large impact on the environment. Most of these things, you are hopefully doing now but if not there is not greater time to start then the present!