Tips to stay healthy and happy

Happiness is the highest form of health


We all need a reminder now and then to stay happy and healthy. So here are some tips to stay healthy and happy, daily, weekly and monthly. You don’t have to do them all, as it is up to you to fit what you can into your schedule. Making small and gradual changes is always the best way to start!


Daily tips to do to improve your mood, most of these you should already be doing, but sometimes you need a reminder or want to add a new element to your day.

Four Main tips

○ Eat nourishing food - this doesn’t only mean healthy food, it means when you want a chocolate bar, eat it. You don’t have to stop yourself from enjoying food.

○ Sleep seven to nine hours a night - a good night's rest will set you up for the day

○ Get regular exercise - just 30 minutes of exercise can boost your mood dramatically, a brisk walk will do!

○ Hydrate - you do need to drink your 8 glasses of water.

Tips to add to your day

○ Smile - sometimes making yourself smile even for a short while can boost your mood.

○ Breathe deeply - Take a moment and re-center yourself with a couple of deep breaths before carrying on with your day.

○ Acknowledge unhappy moments

○ Keep a journal - you don’t have to write a lot, just how you were feeling or a good and bad moment in the day but write something down. This can help you vent about the day.

○ Meditate - reconnect yourself to the present with some meditation to help alleviate your mood.


Weekly tips you can do to boost your mood and health. You don’t have to do these every week. Just when you can!

● Declutter - sorting out your home can improve your mood by getting rid of the old to make room for the new.

● See friends - make plans with your friends and socialise.

● Plan your week - plan the week ahead, whether this is your meals or when you are going to see your friends. Making plans you look forward to things during your week.

● Ditch your phone - get off your phone for a day and see how much it affects your mood.

● Get into nature - this could be going on a hike or even just to your local park for some fresh air and some sunshine


Monthly tips to do as a pick-me-up as a way to treat yourself and others

● Give back - volunteer your time to help someone out

● Treat yourself - it’s okay to treat yourself now and again to help boost your mood. It could be as simple as a spa session or manicure/pedicure to a new gym membership or an outfit you have always wanted.

● Reflect

● Revaluate your goals


Hopefully, our tips to stay healthy and happy have helped inspire you to add some of these points to your day as a way to boost your mood and health. These are only suggestions to help you if you are stuck and you don’t know what to do. You also do some of the tips already, which is fantastic! Your health is linked to your happiness!