Amazing Benefits of a morning workout! Plus secrets to making it happen!

The feeling you have after finishing your morning workout is better than it feels to sleep an extra hour.


Some people aren’t morning people, and that is okay! However, many studies show that a morning workout is better for you and your body. If you want to try and be a morning person, check out our other blog post on Morning Routines. But, let’s get into the amazing benefits of a morning workout, plus secrets to make it happen!


● Benefits

○ A morning workout helps you avoid distractions. This is because your brain is more focused, and working out in the morning can help you develop strong self-discipline. 


○ You will reap the mental and physical benefits of exercise all day. This is because it improves your physical and mental energy by giving you an energy boost. As well as firing up your brain to boost your mood and help motivate you throughout the day.


○ Working out in the morning helps boost your metabolism. Working out in the morning helps with consuming fewer calories.


○ You’ll sleep better if you exercise in the morning. Your morning workout gives you an energy boost throughout the day and makes you more active. So, by the time it comes to going to sleep, you will be able to drop off quickly and sleep deeply.


○ A good morning workout routine will help cultivate consistency. A habit is formed from repetitively doing something until it becomes second nature. Being consistent with your morning routine will help you realise that what was hard in the beginning is now easier to do.


● Secrets

○ Put Your Alarm Far Away - make it so you have to get up in the morning.


○ Keep Moving - once you are awake, don’t stop until after your workout.


○ Don’t burn both ends of the candle - you can’t stay up late and wake up early in the morning.


○ Fuel up - workout out what breakfast is perfect for you before you do your morning workout.


○ Don’t Skip The Warmup - don’t forget to wake up your body in the morning by doing some stretches.


○ Keep It Short - 30 minutes in the morning is all you need.


○ Give it time - you aren’t going to get it perfect on the first day. Give it a couple of weeks to get into the rhythm of things.


Hopefully, this article will help you reach your goal of being a morning person and exercising in the morning to reap all the benefits. Don’t feel bad about not being able to do it the first or even fourth time around but keep trying because, in the end, it will be easier for you.