Tips to instantly brighten up the day

Let your unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in others.

We all need help sometimes to brighten up our day and add a bit of sunshine. So, here are some tips to instantly brighten up the day, yours or others. It all depends on what you are able to do, but there should be one or two that you can definitely do.

Tips for brightening up your day

● Move your body - add intentional movement to your day, this could be as simple as going for a walk or going to the gym.

● Practice gratitude exercises.

● Take a walk outside - getting out into nature boosts your mood by a lot even if it is simply a walk in the park.

● Smile - even faking a smile can boost your mood and it is contagious so your smile will affect other people too.

● Don't Forget To Laugh - laugh at the smallest of things to help with boosting your mood.

● Listen To Upbeat Music.

● Do Something Unexpected - book that holiday you have always wanted to go on. Give yourself something to look forward to.

● Feed your inner child - do something positive you always wanted to do as a child.

● Get some fresh flowers for your desk or table, or beside your bed.

● Turn off your phone, computer, TV, and any other electronic devices that are switched on - take the day off from social media and enjoy reading a book or being out in nature.

● Do something you enjoy - this could be as simple as getting ice cream or going to your favourite place.

● Meditate - reset your day by meditating.


Tips for brightening other people’s day

● Pay a compliment - learn to appreciate people and you might even make their day.

● Give someone your time, silently - listening to someone is a great way to help someone out and brighten their day because all they might need to do to feel better is release their feelings to someone.

● A big, happy smile - even faking a smile can boost your mood and it is contagious so your smile will affect other people too.


You are in control of your day and how it affects you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a little help sometimes. Try not to let something that has happened in the morning ruin your whole day. Hopefully, there is something on this list you can try to make your day a little bit better than before!