Spring Must-Haves / BeReal Blog

Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade

Our wardrobes are transitioning from Winter to Spring, so it is time to do a Spring Clean! Out with the dark and thick Winter wardrobe and in with the colourful and cosy Spring wardrobe. We did a Get Spring Ready blog post that outlined how to change your wardrobe to Spring and now we are going to go into depth on Must-have Pieces this Spring.


Layering is key when you transition from Winter to Spring. So, start your outfit off with a cute t-shirt, as it is a great base layer, like the BeReal Blanc Logo t-shirt and the BeReal Nova T-shirt. These two tops are fantastic to pair with jeans, trainers and a cardigan or blazer.


If you aren’t feeling the t-shirts, you could try the Blush High Neck Jumper. This is a great piece to use as a layer under a dress or overalls to keep you warm!


For a Smarter look, try our new Rose Lace Detail Top, this gorgeous pale pink shirt is perfect for work and for going out for a drink afterwards. The colour perfectly complements the change in seasons as it is muted but still brings life to the outfit. And, if pink isn’t your colour, you can always try our Veri Belted Top to bring back the definition to your curves.


No outfit is complete without a jacket, your jacket could be the statement piece of your outfit, like the Houndstooth Jacket. Match this jacket with the Éclat Leggings and some high heels. Or, it could smarten up your outfit, like the Freja Blazer, which adds a business but fun look to any outfit, with its lace bottom detail. However, if you want to keep it casual why not try out a denim jacket such as the Mae Denim Jacket. This denim jacket has a cute feminine touch accented by the pearl detailing on the shoulders and back.


These are some ideas for you to help you realise what you might be missing from your wardrobe this Spring and how you might want to style them. It’s all about comfort and colour this Spring. If you have one of our pieces why don’t you show us on Instagram by tagging us @berealwear. We would love to see what you come up with!