Can you wear leggings to work? The big debate

Wearing leggings to work has always been a topic of debate. A few years ago, most people would have said no but now it all depends on where you work.  Before deciding to wear leggings to work make sure to check your work/office handbook to make sure they are allowed.
Here are some tips and tricks to work out whether you can wear your leggings to work.
1. Do a squat test in front of a mirror. If you can see your underwear in the mirror then your leggings are not appropriate for work.
2. Invest in high quality leggings, cheaper brand leggings will not stay nice after a while so investing in higher quality leggings will allow you to get more wear out of them.
3. Balance out the leggings with an loose-fitting shirt that ends mid-thigh
○ On Colder days wear an oversized sweater or cardigan.
○ Or wear a dress over your leggings.
4. Match your leggings with a blazer and a long shirt to add professionalism to your outfit.
5. Accessorise your outfit by adding a statement piece such as a scarf or necklace to add to the professionalism of your outfit.
○ Don’t forget to spice up your footwear, add colour with your shoes if you are wearing an all black outfit or pair it with your favourite shoes.
So can you wear leggings to work? Yes, as long as you follow the tips above, you can.