How can we work towards a greener cleaner planet?

To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes, you have to pick up other people’s trash.


It might seem daunting to try something new. But, if it includes our future, it should be an easy decision. You are probably doing most of this already, but here are some other ideas on how we can work towards a greener cleaner planet. Challenge yourself by adding a new way to help the environment on top of what you are already doing. As a small group of people can do a large amount of change!


The easy ideas:

● The three R’s

○ Reduce - the amount of food and water waste we produce. Think about your food list and see what recipes need the same ingredients.

○ Reuse - Switch to reusable plastic, say no to single use plastic bottle, bags etc.  Bring reusable bags with you when you shop to reduce the amount of plastic you buy.

○ Recycle - Your old toys, electrical items, clothes and furniture by donating them to charities.

● Conserve Water - Turn off your taps when you aren't using the water. Try to do larger loads of washing less frequently. Rather than small loads, more frequently.

● Use long-lasting lightbulbs - this will help you in the long run and it will come out cheaper.


The Harder ideas

● Travel Sensibly - this can be trickier for some people, but try to think where you can take public transport instead rather than using your car.

● Sustainability - Consider buying sustainable products where possible.

● Volunteer - if you have the time. Find an organisation that helps the environment (e.g. either trash picking or planting trees) and volunteer your time.

● Educate - Educate yourself and others by keeping up to date with all things involving the environment. Keep teaching yourself and others to help better people's understanding of what is going on in the world.

● Plant a tree - Trees help provide food and oxygen. They can help clean the air and help combat climate change. If you live in an apartment, get yourself a window planter and plant some flowers to help bees