What to wear for a night out?

Crazy nights make the best memories

We all panic about what to wear on a night out, haven’t we all tried on half of our wardrobe and then picked one of three outfits you always wear out. So, why not try something new or add a little something new to the outfit. 


Clothes for a night out:

  • Sports bras: Use your sports bra as a cute top. This could be a bright coloured sports bra (Essential Sports Bra) or one with a unique feature (Etna Sports Bra). Pair with leather-look leggings (Eclat Leggings) and high heels, Voila! you have yourself a new outfit.


  • Leggings: Do you have a favourite pair of coloured leggings? Try using those leggings as a statement piece (Power Leggings). Pair your leggings with a cute black crop top and ankle boots. And you will be turning heads.


  • Swim Suit: If you have a one-piece swimsuit, you can use it as a bodysuit creating a whole new range of outfits. Using a swimsuit, like the Thalia Swimsuit or the Bella Swimsuit, you can add a whole new vibe by pairing them with your favourite trousers or even a skirt.


Pieces to add to your wardrobe for a night out outfit:

  • Jackets: Unless it is the height of summer or you live in a hot country, you will be wearing a jacket on a night out. So, why not make your jacket a staple of the outfit? If you are wearing a black jumpsuit or all-black outfit, pair it with either a denim jacket (Mae Denim Jacket) or smarten it up with the Houndstooth Jacket. Or, add something extra to your outfit with the Freja Blazer. You can pair it with denim jeans and stilettos.


  • Basic tee: Yes, a basic tee, whether it is plain or a graphic tee, to add to your night out outfits. Just like the Nova T-shirts and Blanc T-shirts, you can style them by tucking them or knotting them to add extra depth to your outfit. Pair them with a skirt or leather-look leggings (Eclat Leggings) and high heels, and you have a comfy winning night out outfit.